Between Christmas and New Years, I always forget how busy it gets. Especially in my family, to the point where some days careful planning goes a long way. This year though I did not plan to be part of the flu epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Granted I should have gotten the flu shot, but even then – this year’s strain was not the expected one that the vaccination was made for.

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Regardless, I’m back into it and I’ve been busy making more headway into preparing for the upcoming production stage of the film. The biggest part that for some reason I’ve been slow to get done is getting the Kickstarter up and running. Perhaps this is because while I plan to have the majority of the Kickstarter film animated, I am dreading the part when I actually have to be on camera. This is one of the reasons why I like film production because I get to be behind the camera. Nonetheless, it needs to be done. A necessary evil in my eyes. I’ve also been working on specifically what to offer as rewards for donating to the Kickstarter. I’m approaching it by thinking about what I would want to receive if I were donating to it and researching other successfully funded projects.

Other than the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, I am please to announce that I have two super-cool people who have graciously agreed to let me interview them for the film (once everything is 100% set, I will announce their names)! However, I am still looking for someone involved in Irish wildlife/wildland conservation to interview. I have contacted organizations, but unfortunately they seem to be a bit busy (or more likely, they’re not interested) as I have only received one response from one saying they will forward my email. I’m hoping to have better luck with a couple others who I recently discovered online.

Since the holidays and my birthday are all over, this week will be the week to get this all done.

Cliffs of Moher – Thought I Should Include a Pretty Picture

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